Seven reasons to visit an ophthalmologist
 Do you know how often you need to visit an eye doctor? Do you know what bad news you can lie in wait in the office of an ophthalmologist, in addition to deteriorating eyesight? Look at our selection - probably about something important we remind you?

Seven signs that you need to visit an ophthalmologist:

1. You did not check your eyes and vision a year or more. Make a habit of visiting an ophthalmologist once a year. Doctors say that this is enough. This periodicity allows the doctor to see any of the disease at an early stage. Sight should also be checked at least once a year.

2. Do you often have a headache.   One of the reasons of frequent headaches may be a problem with the eyes. For example, it may be the eye of the tension due to spoil the view or because of inappropriate glasses and lenses.

3. Blurred vision.   If you see something vague - it is a signal that you need to the eye doctor. Rather, the vision requires correction.

4. Often, watery eyes.   Be sure to go to the doctor and find out what it is connected. Perhaps not only problems with vision, but also an eye infection.

5. The pain in his eyes.   Often it may be accompanied by dry eye. Visit an ophthalmologist, is also a sign of infection, such as the so-called eye mites.

6. Redeye.   It's just a sign of problems with the health of the eye. Perhaps this is just a temporary phenomenon caused by the sensitivity of the skin, but perhaps a symptom of an eye infection. Remember that eye infections are contagious and you can be harmful to your family, your loved ones.

7. If you want to consult before using a new cosmetic.   If you are in doubt about any cosmetic product - go to a specialist. You can alert a new tool for eyelash growth, or new lenses, or a new frame at the points, or even just a new mascara. Do not be afraid, it is best to consult an ophthalmologist.

Author: Julia Gnedina