A revolutionary eye liner on sale soon
 Benefit Cosmetics is preparing to release a long-awaited novelty - gel liner for the eyes «they're real! push-up liner ». It is the most convenient airliner in the world.

Now the "cat's eye" or creative double "Arrow" - is not a problem even for beginners.

What is the revolutionary new liner?

 A revolutionary eye liner on sale soon

- This is the maximum resistance. Matte black gel formula is left on the skin throughout the day.
- No more need to carefully paint the space between the lashes. This is the first ship in the world that envelops your eyelashes. And thanks to the new tip, created by technology AccuFlex ™.
- Red-eye is no more. Eyeliner waterproof, does not fall in the eyes and irritate them.
- You will be very easy to draw a line any precision thickness. Very easy to use applicator that delivers a gel formulation when you click on it.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina