Gliss Kur Beauty Balsam - new BB cream for hair
 In the summer of 2014 presents a new Gliss Kur - BB-agent for hair restoration. Deeply caring and thus easy formula Gliss Kur Beauty Balsam hair running simultaneously in 11 directions and provides intensive care and nutrition.

The inspiration for the creation of this facility began BB creams for skin care, which rapidly gained popularity around the world due to its versatility. Gliss Kur embodied this principle in the new Beauty Balsam hair 11 to 1.

Through recovery formula with liquid keratin complex, apricot kernel oil and panthenol, Gliss Kur Beauty Balsam HAIR operates directly in 11 directions, without weighing the hair.

 Gliss Kur Beauty Balsam - new BB cream for hair
  Gliss Kur Beauty Balsam - new BB cream for hair

Gliss Kur BB:

1. Provides flexibility and the hair and make it smooth;
2. Gives hair shimmering sheen;
3. Prevents the appearance of split ends;
4. Protects against damage and environmental influences;
5. Gives tangible softness;
6. Makes curly hair more manageable;
7. It strengthens hair and makes them more elastic;
8. Adds hair dazzling light;
9. Provides natural volume;
10. Detangles;
11. Deeply nourishes the hair.

New Gliss Kur is suitable for all hair types, and it is not only possible but also necessary to use every day. A small amount of funds applied to dry or towel-dried hair after shampooing. Rinse "balm of beauty" is not required.

Estimated price: 170 rubles.
Available from August 2014

Author: Anna Shustrova