July 30 - Day of lipstick
 Today in the United States celebrated the National Day of lipstick. Do you use lipstick? Then mark!

Did you know that on average, a woman in lifelong spends about 15 000 dollars on make-up, of which 1780 is to buy lipstick. Well, it is if you do not invest in expensive and collectible items. Because the amount of $ 1780 you would not be enough even for a lipstick, recognized as the most expensive in the world. This lipstick Guerlain's KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick, which is worth 62,000 dollars, while the same publication without gold and diamonds worth $ 34.

Today lipstick are almost all women, and even quite conservative. And before the earliest feminists came out with a call to society with bright red lips. It later lipstick was recognized as one of the most feminine makeup products. It is known that during the Second World War in the United Kingdom was very limited production and use makeup, but this restriction does not apply lipstick, Winston Churchill believed that red lips "raise the morale".

Use lipstick! And especially the classic red, despite the trends. It is proved that it makes us attractive. In a study of the University of Manchester says men look at women with lipstick for longer than women with nude lips. At the same time, on the lips with red lipstick man watching an average of 7, 3 seconds on pink lipstick - 6, 7 seconds, and the women without lipstick they stop your eyes only 2, 2 seconds.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina