Cabin Beauty in A.V.E. Luxury
 Japanese cosmetics brand ASTALIFT together with pharmacies AVE Luxury Cabins is a project of Beauty.

Experience the effect of rejuvenating treatments combining the best traditions of Japanese skin care with innovative technologies used in cosmetics, it is now possible by visiting the cabin Beauty ASTALIFT   in pharmacy chains A.V.E. .

Remove surface contamination and dead cells using the gel gentle and rejuvenating oil containing a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants that help cleanse the stage, conducted by means ASTALIFT for basic care. Not damaged and saturating your face youthful glow products ASTALIFT accelerate regeneration, deeply moisturize the skin.

The next step for them special care, including elements of the Eastern Shiatsu massage will help eliminate toxins and improve microcirculation, so the skin will get even tone, significantly improves the complexion. Light, almost imperceptible touch fingertips, creating a gentle pressure will help the active components such as collagens and astaxanthin to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, promoting nutrition and revive the beauty of the skin.

During the procedure, you will experience the feeling of a soft and gentle heating, comfort and relaxation, your skin is filled with energy, improve the tone. Competent professional advice at the end of the procedure helps to achieve prolonged effect through the use of cosmetics at home.

Timetable cabins beauty ASTALIFT:

August 7   - B.Dorogomilovskaya str., 14, tel: 8 (495) 781-99-14
August 8   - Rublevo-Uspenskoe sh., D.85, TTs "Dream House", tel: 8 (495) 781-99-14
August 20   - 6 km Novorizhskoe sh., TC "Yunimoll", tel: 8 (495) 781-99-14
August 28   - Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 48, TC "Seasons", tel: 8 (495) 781-99

Author: Anna Shustrova