Lena Lenina: New Trends manicure Summer 2013
 Who better to answer questions about the new trends in manicure is not our Manicure Queen Lena Lenina? She, along with managing co-owner of the network manicure studio Lena Lenina Alexei Volvakom, recently stepped through the threshold of a hundred salons, making his company the largest network of manicure in Eastern Europe!

- Lena, for all women beautiful manicure has long been an essential element in the same manner as accessories, shoes and hairstyle. What are the new rules of good taste when choosing a nail next summer?

  - The most basic trend of nail fashion summer 2013 - naturalness. And not only classic jacket, but also pastel shades lacquer and natural nails short length of 2-3 mm, and a rounded rectangular shape. This style is so fond of the beautiful half of humanity that designers can do nothing, but to develop and complement this trend.

  - What are the colors in addition to the classic beige, can be used?

  - For the brave and creative individuals fit all the colors, but a soft, pastel shades, such as light peach, soft pale green or pale light blue color of the sky, or light mint, pale lilac or all pastel shades of pink .  And most importantly, it is white manicure would be an absolute hit this summer .  So do not be afraid to experiment with all shades of white - the color of ivory, gray, milk, butter or cream .  And nail polish does not have to be shiny and glossy .  Matt is still relevant .  And remember natural manicure "Nude" .  This effect is natural, not painted nails .  This manicure is suitable for both the youngest girls and business women, because it blends perfectly with any kind of clothes and style, creates the effect of the nature of the perfect nails and hands, emphasizes the natural line of the hand and fingers .  No wonder Versache and Louis Vuitton choose this nail polish for his latest hits .

  - And you, Lena, recommend the most temperamental ladies gravitating towards avant-garde design style of clothing?

  - Metallic still relevant! Gold, silver, a combination of silver and red on short nails look amazing and will cause a flurry of compliments your face. Just risky fashionista can enjoy an absolute hit of the season - degrade. Degrade - is a kind of manicure, in which one color smoothly into another, such as from a dark to light or from a mint candy pink. This manicure looks sexy at the same time, effectively and gently, allowing endlessly experiment with colors and shades of nail polish from plain to very contrasting!

- And what a manicure like more men?

  - Sexiest manicure - it's red! This color cause increased heart rate and increased production of hormones in men, so manicure and pedicure effective seductress, first of all, should be red. For women with a golden, warm red shade of hair - red, tomato, and for burning brunettes and blondes ash - red and crimson. However, no matter how you choose a manicure, the main thing - a beautiful and well-groomed hands, healthy skin, nails neat and clean, healthy cuticle. In order to help restore the beauty of the hand after the winter frosts, to do treatments
nails and skin of hands. In this case, better to trust our professionals: paraffin oil bath and nail manicure hardware and special revitalizing coating.

 Lena Lenina: New Trends manicure Summer 2013

For men who do not want to pass the caveman, Lenin, too, there is good news - male manicure takes a fraction of the time than women, and in view of the fact that the web manicure studio Lena Lenina male manicure pay special attention to the man in the summer, too, will be able to flaunt beautiful, well-groomed hands, to be in the arms of whom will be happy to any girl!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova