Lose Weight bored with Diets.ru!
 December 1, 2012 one of the leading projects in the Russian Internet segment of wellness and a healthy lifestyle portal Diets.ru celebrates anniversary - marks the site for 2 years!

Diets.ru - is not just a social network for people who want to part with the excess weight. This is a unique guide for a fun-filled and comfortable journey to the beautiful figure and ideal weight without harm to health.

The portal provides a number of useful options, such as catalog diets Containing diet for all occasions, clubs joint weight loss calculators for slimming, thematic groups, Story and weight loss "before and after" , Interesting contests, unique copyrighted material, tests, Encyclopedia of vitamins, Free expert advice , Live chat and more.

One of the main tool in the fight against excess weight on the project Diets.ru is "losing weight control center": a site-specific options - "Food diary"   and "Diary of sport", allowing to consider thoroughly, monitor and analyze your diet and physical activity; calorie calculator and weight   and much more.

Diets.ru project is designed for those who want to go on an exciting journey to health, harmony and beauty, with the best guides, competent, reputable conductors and good company of like-minded.

Lose Weight bored with Diets.ru!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova