Glycans - a new anti-age ingredient returns youthfulness
 You've heard that there are anti-aging ingredients like glycans? This discovery L'Oreal. Creams with glycans will fight aging to a new level, because glycans not only stop age-related changes, but able to turn back the clock, returning you to the skin without wrinkles.

Glycans - these are complex sugars that are in our tissues. In fact, this macromolecule or polysaccharides, without which the cells in our body can not be linked. Glycans help connect layers of skin (dermis and epidermis). These macromolecules age stop working, which is why all the links in the skin are destroyed, and stops producing collagen. Wrinkles, skin starts to sag. L'Oreal claims that if you apply makeup with glycans, it is possible to restore the connection between the dermis and the epidermis.

Is this too good to be true? Dr. Rozina Ali plastic medicine she decided to explore new products L'Oreal with glycans, without relying on the promise of the brand. The results of her research were shown in the film BBC, broadcast on this week in the UK. So, the doctor found the work being done by the cosmetic company L'Oreal in glycobiology - the most innovative in the field of skin rejuvenation.

 Glycans - a new anti-age ingredient returns youthfulness

Particularly impressed with the doctor the results "before and after", wrinkles really disappear. However, she noted that enthusiastically looks for new products as a woman and as a doctor is forced to be skeptical. This is because the majority of cosmetic creams do not penetrate deep enough or do not contain enough active ingredient. But maybe, with all the glycans will be completely different - hoped the doctor.

Experts doubt retorted L'Oreal specialist, said of the 20 years of work in the field of glycobiology and the real results of their tests.

Cosmetics with glycans, of course, wanted to try. Therefore, women of the world expect a novelty from L'Oreal - line tools Forever Youth Liberator, created by L'Oreal under the label Yves Saint Laurent.

 Glycans - a new anti-age ingredient returns youthfulness

Author: Julia Gnedina