How many earn Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Britney?
 Forbes named the 25 highest paid musicians. Among the richest musicians - we know girls who often appeared in our news stories, presenting their fragrances, makeup and outfits.

For example, Britney Spears. Turns out, Britney still "on horseback" and is not going to take the leading position. Her earnings of $ 58 million allowed to occupy the seventh position.

Nearby Taylor Swift, she shares eighth place with Sir Paul McCartney, with revenue of $ 57 million.

Rihanna was placed on the 12th place. To get into the top ten she had neither a world tour or a promotional contract with Armani and Nivea. Her fees are counted and the verdict - only $ 53 million.

 How many earn Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Britney?
Taylor Swift, Britney, Rihanna

Who is number one? Veteran rap, Dr. Dre, who earned 110 million dollars.

Author: Julia Gnedina