Kelly Osbourne apologized for his manicure 250 000 dollars
 Only one nail polish in the world today is worth 250 thousand dollars, this lacquer "black diamond" of the jewelry brand Azature. And if you think that no one will want to nail this "try", you are mistaken. In a recent publication of the Kelly Osbourne dare to appear with a diamond polish on the nails. And get some of their fans.

Kelly had to explain to his Twitter account, which means that this output with a varnish for a quarter of a million dollars. "I see that my nail polish has offended many people," - wrote Kelly. "But it was only once in my life when I allowed myself to it." And he continues: "And please forgive me. But he made feel like a queen! ".

Lac from Azature «Black Diamond King» for 250 000 was presented to the public this summer. It really is so expensive because it includes 267 carats of black diamond powder (each bottle), it Kelly Osbourne and shown to the public at a party, anticipating the ceremony "Emmy".

 Kelly Osbourne apologized for his manicure 250 000 dollars

By the way, there is a budget version of lacquer, it has only 0, 5 grams of black diamonds and it costs $ 25, but Kelly chose for some reason a luxury option.

Author: Julia Gnedina