Lush for circus cruelty
 The company Lush together with the Centre to protect the rights of animals "Vita" start a campaign against cruelty to animals in circuses. Through this campaign Lush wants to inform the public about the suffering of animals in the circus, the futility and immorality use of animals in the circus, the horrors of the industry.

"Circus - a spectacle that will surely be interesting. However, most people do not even know what the price of this entertainment. Because animals can not be in the circus voluntarily; to be in the circus animal - it means forever losing freedom. For example, in a traveling circus tent of animals transported in sweltering, unventilated trailer. To avoid problems with the toilet, they are deprived of food and water. Many animals look like walking skeletons covered with skin. We are for the circus, but without animals "   -
He speaks Alexander Oettinger Responsible for ethics Lush Switzerland .

As the campaign will be held in Russia

Shares Campaign "For a circus cruelty"   will be held for a week in Lush stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Store employees will inform the public about the ill-treatment of animals in entertainment and circuses in particular, and asked passersby to sign a petition in protest.

Collected petition "VITA"   It can be used to refer to the state authorities to ensure that students are no longer "impose" mandatory visit circuses with animals and for the complete elimination of the entertainment program orphanages obligatory visit circuses with animals.

All participating stores will distribute leaflets telling people about the suffering of circus animals.

Throughout the campaign, participating stores will sell cream Charity Pot (Charity Pot)   with a special sticker. All the money raised from the sale of this cream (excluding VAT) will be sent to the Center for Protection of Animal Rights "Vita" for the realization of projects for the protection of circus animals Comprising:

*   investigate cases of ill-treatment of animals in circuses;
*   holding a nationwide contest among school children "Circus without cruelty! ";
*   organization of the 1st in the Russian Film Festival with the show on the big screen documentaries about animal exploitation in circuses;
*   creating clips with participation of Russian stars, calling not to attend the circus with the animals;
*   sociological research in this area;
*   assistance to specific animals affected after "work" in circuses.

 Lush for circus cruelty

 Lush for circus cruelty

"It would seem, entertainment has nothing to do with cosmetics, but the fact that this business involves animals for which circus tricks are unnatural, we can not touch. We, as a global company, we have the opportunity to convey to the public the idea that the circus with animals is immoral and inhumane to tell that in the world there are alternatives to the circus with animals. We are convinced that it is important to devote himself to the problems that are deeply hurt ourselves. It's not just words - it's part of our social responsibility "   - Explains Doris Trinkler , Director of Lush in Switzerland.

* October 1-7, 2012 in all stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
* October 3, 2012 - Moscow, Russia. Arbat, 12; St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 32-34.

Time:   12:00

Author: Anna Shustrova