Rexona deodorant introduced the first odorless
 In August 2012 introduced a long-awaited new Rexona - the first ** deodorant odorless * "Pure Protection": 0% perfume, alcohol ***, dyes and parabens - only effective protection for 48 hours!

For those who do not like to feel on your skin the extra flavors ... For those who pay attention to the composition of deodorants ... For those who appreciate the most important - protection against sweat and odor in its pure form, without additional effects ...

August 15, 2012 number 1 brand **** Rexona presented a long-awaited innovation - first ** deodorant fragrance free, alcohol-free ***, dyes and parabens. New Rexona «Net Protection" - only effective protection against perspiration and odor for 48 hours!

Rexona «Net Protection" - only the most necessary for protection against sweat and odor!

Modern women every day need reliable protection against perspiration and odor, which traditionally provide deodorants Rexona. But some of us have a sensitive sense of smell, are very demanding when choosing a fragrance and do not like the smell of deodorant mixed into the perfume, and the other does not inspire confidence in the individual components of antiperspirants. Especially for women who appreciate effective protection without foreign flavors and excessive anxiety concerning the composition of the product, Rexona deodorant developed the first odorless ** * "Pure Protection." Novelty does not contain fragrances, *** alcohol, parabens and dyes, including only the minimum essential ingredients for safe and comfortable protection from sweat and odor for 48 hours.

 Rexona deodorant introduced the first odorless

Innovation Innovation

Antiperspirant odorless * Rexona «Net Protection" continues the story of innovation Rexona - number 1 brand market deodorants ****, which is constantly creating new technologies and improving its products. In recent years, it introduced a Rexona deodorants with anti-white marks on dark clothes, pack a roll inverted for smooth and economical use of the application, as well as a unique technology ** MotionSense ™, which is activated immediately when driving and allows you to enjoy the feeling of freshness and comfort as long as possible in during the day. Innovation Rexona continues!

 Rexona deodorant introduced the first odorless
  Rexona deodorant introduced the first odorless

* No perfume.
** The line of deodorants Rexona.
*** Does not contain ethyl alcohol.
**** Calculations Unilever, based in part on data from Nielsen retail audit of 01.2011-12.2011 deodorants market in Russia and Ukraine.

Author: Anna Shustrova