The new revolutionary Wellaflex
 This year, Wella update the appearance of all styling products and represents innovation - improved hairsprays that provide natural hair and its secure fit without gluing hair.

Attention - technology

Most memorable achievement - it hairsprays Wellaflex. Due to the unique combination of new formula   and more thin   spray (compared to the previous generation of varnishes) lacquer particles are evenly distributed and deeply penetrate into the hair and give it a natural and elasticity. This maintains a reliable long-term fixation of stacking of up to 24 hours without gluing hair. Laying more resilient and long-term, up to 24 hours.

"Our new hairspray sprayed microparticles whose size is 30% smaller than conventional varnishes. They penetrate into the hair and creates a great fit, while increasing flexibility and mobility of the hair. It is very important for women who do not want to compromise by choosing between natural styling and degree of fixing " - Explains Mary Chestnut Representative Wellaflex division of global scientific communication.

For maximum results you should use several tools from the collection - mousse, fluid modeling hairstyles and finally nail styling.

 The new revolutionary Wellaflex

Expert opinion

International stylist Wella Sascha Breuer   He believes that the new paints Wellaflex and other styling products can help every woman look amazing in any situation: "The technology is simply amazing. I thought it was impossible to create even smaller particles of varnish - but I really feel the difference. These particles are sprayed more evenly and dries quickly, providing the best results you have ever seen -Hair remain the movable and soft, as if you do not use styling! And fixing is carried out on a fundamentally new level - it is more deeply and evenly. Hairstyle is stored up to 24 hours! "

 The new revolutionary Wellaflex

Expert Wellaflex Jackie Dixon   - Recognized fashion stylist and blogger - knows how to use the proper styling to achieve a stylish image: "With Wellaflex we offer for women to try something new is excellent, and they can be uncharacteristic. Following simple rules and not being afraid to experiment, every woman can become a true beauty. "

Author: Anna Shustrova