Check whether you have symptoms suggestive of skin cancer
 Cancer - a frightening word, and it is unlikely someone can stay calm when it comes to this disease. Doctors have always advised and will advise to pay attention to the prevention of cancer. It is equally important to "catch" the disease in its early stages when it is more amenable to effective treatment. Inspect your body today, warn skin cancer!

Doctors around the world are urged to: constantly do self-examination of your skin, it largely helps to prevent the impending disaster. And what you should pay attention first and foremost? Here are some tips:

- Asymmetry. Moles should be the correct form. Any change in this setting - a sign that it's time to see a doctor.

- Smooth edges. The boundaries of moles should also be smooth and does not change, even when the swelling. Torn edge floated - a sign that you need to pay attention to the health of the skin.

- Colour. Your moles should always remain the same color, and fit your tsvetotipu. That is, red, for example, the color of moles more sand, light and brunettes are much darker. The color should be uniform, and do not fade. Any deviation from these symptoms should alert.

- Diameter. The larger the diameter of the mole - the higher the risk. Particularly dangerous when moles begin to grow in size, it may be a direct indication melanoma. Moles greater than 6 mm in diameter - a sign as soon as possible to see a specialist.

- New birthmarks. If you notice that you have started to appear new birthmarks - urgently to the doctor!

- Risk groups. Particular care should pay attention to birthmarks people with very pale skin, freckles, as well as those who already have relatives among the diseased skin cancer.

- New sensations. If a birthmark began to itch, become more solid, flakes, or even bleeding - bad symptoms. However, it may be quite innocuous symptoms, but it is better to make it at the doctor.

Most people have moles, many get new moles or growing. Sometimes it does not lead to skin cancer, but it is better to protect yourself and constantly confirm their health by a doctor. Always inspect myself in the shower, it is easy to do when you use a scrub to exfoliate, or make an epilation. And any changes in the skin, consult a doctor, this is quite enough for effective prevention.

Author: Julia Gnedina