Enveloped in her long hair to the tips of Love with Herbal Essences
 When you're in love, everything is transformed. Love works wonders, painting the world in fantastic bright colors and inspiring you to a little madness, from which the heart beats faster, and the smile becomes happier. From overwhelmed by your feelings you want to sing and dance the night away, wearing the most beautiful dress, and let down your long hair.

But what if your hair is not in great shape and looks tired and sad? They need love, too! Surround it with their new collection of Herbal Essences Love to the tips !

Shampoo, conditioner, rinse, cream-care and a mask, a part of this collection, imbued with love and affection that will help your hair to feel again the joy of life. Velvety formula with extracts of ripe raspberry and silk caress your hair, giving them Zamechtatelno moments full of bliss and sweet bliss. You will be surprised when you see the worth of your hair, experienced such delight!

 Enveloped in her long hair to the tips of Love with Herbal Essences

With regular use shampoo and conditioner Love to the tips   Your long hair will transform beyond recognition. They are soft, silky and shiny!

Special protection will give your hair an intensive mask! Enveloping every centimeter of your curls, it protects them from root to tip, and makes them smooth, obedient, shining.

Secure the best result will soft cream-care of the collection Love to the tips . It is not necessary to wash off - just apply with love and affection to the hair, lightly towel-dried. And he will love your hair, protecting them from the misery all day long!

Love works wonders: it transforms the world around, saving you from the sad thoughts, and your long hair - from breakage and split ends. new collection Love to the tips   from Herbal Essences will help you establish the most loving relationship with your hair!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila