Manicure: 7 Simple Tips for Busy Women
 You, like any woman want your nails look healthy, beautiful and professionally manicured. But, like most of us, you're working on a daily basis, in addition to your house, children, friends. But even if we set aside time for a manicure is difficult, there are some very simple and effective tips, which you may not yet know, but which really help.

1. Buy a special coating for nails, which strengthens.   It is enough to use once a week, but it will significantly reduce the time in the future to ensure that correct irregularities, bedding, and any other imperfections nails. Try these tools, they are, for example, at the Sally Hansen and Neutrogena, are in the area of ​​150 rubles. If you have a strong and healthy nails even without nail polish and special design, they will look well-groomed.

2. Do not touch once again the cuticles and skin around the nails.   Professionals when asked, "What is the most common error in home manicure? "Answers:" too much meat. " This means that women are often cut too much skin. It is better to go to the edging manicure, the cuticle and push, rather than cut.

3. Mini-manicure in the shower . Taking a shower or bath, do not forget the nails, as well as you do not forget about the hair or skin. Hot showers allows the skin to become softer, so after showering always move your cuticle stick, this would be very simple. This will save you time when you need to quickly do a manicure before leaving, the cuticle will not have to deal with. Do not forget the shower to moisten the skin, not only the hands and feet, but the skin around the nails.

4. Mini-manicure dream.   Sometimes you can do this procedure during sleep. Perd bedtime treat your hands greasy lotion and put on gloves. Morning shower wash all dead skin cells, including, and cuticle.

5. Scrub hands daily . Keep it means always with soap and water, not to forget every day a little massage your hands and spend a good exfoliation. It will also allow you to avoid wasting time on processing burrs and cuticles while painting nails.

6. Mini French manicure.   Even if we do not have time to mess around with strips, stencils and varnishes several colors, you will never defeat the processing of the back of the nail. Buy a special white pencil to it and constantly Tint nails from the back side and the edge of nails. Then grooming will be - on the face.

7. A balanced diet helps condition nails . Fruits, vegetables, a sufficient amount of water - these three ingredients affect the condition of nails. You will immediately see that your nails and hair became stronger when just become a little more to include these foods in your daily menu.

Author: Julia Gnedina