Female beauty MyCharm portal wishes you a Happy New Year
 Dear friends! Nearing the end of the year 2009. Today, lay the table and raise a glass of champagne for your most intimate dreams. We also make come true. It is said that you can not disclose - and that will not come true. No, it will not tell us. But you should know that all the secret is simply impossible to keep to myself ...

So, we make come true:

- Let the New Year favorite cosmetics brings disappointments, but only joy and pleasant discoveries

- Let the man in the New Year will be more attentive and observant

- Let the new year will find their "soul mate" those who seek

- Suppose that the expected success and only increase, as well as the interesting tasks and creative projects

- Let the drivers on the road will be a little more polite, and we will be a little closer

- Let the bad mood will be less, but good - more

- Let the most interesting new items will not pass by

- Let your favorite perfume does not withdraw from the production and let the lipstick does not end so fast

- Let come up with a new mascara that does not visually lengthens the lashes, and really, that is, from which they grow and become luxuriant

- Let salary ...., And the young people do today, finally ....

But no, then have a very personal, is not it? That we do not reveal. And then suddenly it come true.

We wish you a very magical and wonderful New Year!

 Female beauty MyCharm portal wishes you a Happy New Year

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina