Makeup can make women happy
 Most women spend a lot of time and money on makeup. Men think that we do it for them, and women say they do it for themselves. Today, there are studies that confirm the correctness still feminine approach. It revealed a beneficial effect on the make-up and women's health, and women's mental state, and even the extension of mental activity!

First, psychologists from the United Kingdom have proved that make a direct impact on improving our attractiveness in men. It turns out that men subconsciously choose to continue the kind of women more fertile, and have higher levels of estrogen. Such signs in nature have a bright woman. And in response to women with contrasting makeup and good hair color, men thus showing their instinct successor kind. In general, the use of make-up to attract men proved. While we do make-up, like, for yourself.

The following study of the make-up is also an important argument in its favor. The thing that does make a woman happier mental activity longer and, therefore, old age - better. Here is a brief scientific arguments.

An unusual experiment was conducted in a Japanese laboratory of brain function in Yokohama in February 2009. Older women with low cognitive impairment (which precede the onset of Alzheimer's disease) have offered new products to take advantage of makeup. All changes in the brain and nervous system in the fixed-date instruments (EEG, for example). Of course, all the women said that with the makeup they feel more beautiful and happier. But this is subjective, you might say. Then here are the results of devices. Brain scans showed that in women after applying make-up significantly reduced neuronal abnormalities in the brain, the brain as it began to intensify. Indicators, responsible for good mood and state of happiness, showed growth.

It turns out that makeup has a significant effect of psychotherapy, as well as the positive neurological benefits. Scientists have talked about the fact that the use of cosmetics in old age can significantly improve quality of life, to make a woman happier.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina