You know the recipe for a good day?
 Company Tupperware, the world-renowned manufacturer of glassware for the home and kitchen, prepared an amazing surprise for all! From 23 December 2009 to 12 January 2010, everyone can take part in the program "a good recipe of the day" and to invite a consultant Tupperware, who will prepare a choice of any of the proposed specialties. In these days of online everyone can take part in a culinary competition "recipe for a good day", the winner of which will receive a great set of products from the company Tupperware.

What awaits the winner of the set:

• «Quick-Mixer" - the ideal shaker for making creams, sauces, cocktails, omelets and batters.
• Bowl "charm" (4, 3 liters) - it can be beautiful and elegant, and serve cold and hot dishes. And thanks to its air-and moisture-proof cover, the bowl will keep the freshness of all the products and dishes.
• Small "Hit Parade" - one of the most popular products among Tupperware housewives all over the world! Will not only keep food fresh, but also to take with you to work or picnic.
• Small cooling tray. Freeze berries, vegetables and herbs, while maintaining the taste and vitamins - it's easy!
• Small Silicone scraper will be indispensable in the kitchen for any hostess. Heat-resistant silicone wiper can withstand temperatures up to 120 ° C.
• Form "Sun", which can be used to quickly and easily prepare a variety of pies, pasties, curd and a variety of other dishes from different kinds of dough. A booklet with 32 (!) Recipes - 4 types of test, 8 fillings!

 You know the recipe for a good day?

In addition the winner will be determined and winners of the competition - another 4 user will receive the following items Tupperware:

2nd place - cup "Charm" Silicone scraper and a form of "Sun" with a booklet of recipes
3rd place - "Quick-Mixer", a form of "Sun" with a booklet of recipes
4th place - "Small cooling tray" (set of 4 pcs.), A form of "Sun" with a booklet of recipes
5th place - "small" Hit Parade "(set of 4 pcs.), A form of" Sun "with a booklet of recipes

Take part in the competition - just! You need to register in the women's social network, joined the group "recipe for a good day of Tupperware» and place your recipe that your family has provided a good mood and a great mood all day. The text should be charged positive, and the picture - obligatory made by you and at least one.

Complete contest rules are available here.

Good luck!

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina