Your tired eyes ...
 Love yourself, imperfect, it is very difficult. This passage can be addressed and the young virgins and mature ladies who know from personal experience that the main cause of dissatisfaction with their appearance is not stinginess of Mother Nature and their own laziness. And if you do not want in the future to kick in anger nor innocent mirror and admire and be proud of yourself, you need to take action in a timely manner.

Leather century most capricious zone face She is thin, instead of fat - loose connective tissue, which has a nasty feature of easy stretch. Very thin and facial muscles that provide movement of the eyelids. Hence - the wrinkles and puffiness. Another factor - age. It violates the structure of the tissue: collagen straying into lumps and ceases to perform its function frame. That's why you need a special eye cream, for example, cream for the delicate skin around the eyes "formula of transformation" .

The main "workhorse" in a cream - an extract of concoctions and bioantioksidantny Neovitin® complex extracted from ginseng. This "duo" boosts the elasticity of blood vessels located directly under the skin around the eyes, improves blood circulation and reduces congestion by eliminating the cause of dark circles and puffiness.

What else? Jojoba oil   - Unsurpassed moisturizing agent that increases the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Do not clog pores, they remain open and maintain their inherent functions, the skin "breathe" under a layer of cream and gets rid of toxins. This unique oil on properties similar to spermaceti, unusually rich pitatelnymii substances.

His "note" in the score and makes cacao butter   - A component that is very soft, "caress" the skin, giving it smoothness and elasticity.
The cream is gentle and well absorbed, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, smoothing "crow's feet".

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina