Anatomy flavor: Guerlain, Guerlain Homme
 Guerlain Guerlain Homme introduced as a new type of fragrance - a new type of freshness in perfumes; Wasser called it "unbeatable."

Infomercial Guerlain Homme was filmed in the jungle, where the half-naked sleek, modern 'Tarzan' drinking water from the lake not far from the wildlife. I like stupid "advertising", but in this video, Guerlain Homme is nothing really new, and wild animals. When I used Guerlain Homme, I was not even thinking about "Tarzan" or "jungle" - I imagined wearing a Lacoste guy on the veranda of the Caribbean, slowly sipping a mojito far from Delacourte. But what Guerlain Homme is not wild or wildly original, absolutely does not follow that he is bad; it is actually the first truly modern Guerlain fragrances for a long time (except for a few perfume Aqua Allegoria).

Guerlain Homme contains bergamot, lime, geranium, green tea, mint, rhubarb, vetiver, cedar, rum and sugar cane. Guerlain Homme opens with "fresh" resonating rum, followed by a sweet-sour notes of lime, mint and citrus. As the flavor, I also feel the freshness of green tea and sour fruit notes (rhubarb?). One of the most interesting music perfume reminiscent of dark brown sugar. Guerlain Homme flows from bright fresh "alcoholic" music to warm and soft; gradually come into force vetiver and cedar chords that hold echoes of lime - no fresh soft lime and a bit dusty (dusty lime chords in Guerlain Homme reminds me of a gentle talc Floris London Limes, which I once used the hot summer days in Los Angeles ).

I like the lime in Guerlain Homme, and fans of Guerlain fragrances notice resonance in the main sheet Guerlain Homme. The most interesting notes and chords in it begin to be felt after the light touch of flavor (just three taps on the spray for a 10 hour reception fragrance). Warm fresh character Guerlain Homme fragrance makes it suitable for any time of year, and it's a great option if you want to smell good, but do not want to make a "statement" its perfume (do not think that this is a polite way of saying that the scent of me skuchnyy- like Guerlain Homme). Guerlain Homme is easily correlated with Eau de Parfum, it is very resistant.

Author: Anatoly Sverdlov