EVIAN SPARITUAL and represent a new warming spa manicure "organic luxury"
 Bathed in the rays of the sun caressing you feel a slight breeze and a subtle floral aroma ... Sure, memories of summer and delight you warm all year round, but the cool fall, you want something more. In addition, with the approach of the Christmas holidays free time is running out, and you need to be on top.

With exclusive procedure, developed by experts and companies SPARITUAL EVIAN, you will look and feel great! This is a real ritual, based on the establishment of the Eastern system of harmony. Just one hour a relaxed atmosphere SPA-salon, and you will feel the warm touch of summer.

Warming procedure is carried out with the help of organic cosmetics SPARITUAL and mineral water EVIAN, which in combination with aromatherapy and massage are beneficial not only to the physical condition, but also on the emotional and mental attitude. Unique SPARITUAL drugs act on the chakras - the energy centers of the most important and the water EVIAN - a necessary element in the body, it contributes to the achievement of harmony.

First, the hands are placed in a tray with mineral water EVIAN sachets and bags with plant extracts - it soothes the skin of hands and promotes its rejuvenation. Then, using a sachet, a mixture of sugar scrub and nourishing mask made SPARITUAL peeling, which cleans, softens and tones the skin. After that is done a manicure and a relaxing massage, relieve fatigue and stress.

At the end of the procedure you will find more pleasure - you can enjoy a cocktail Evian, the true drink of the gods on the basis of the French mineral water and rose petals.

 EVIAN SPARITUAL and represent a new warming spa manicure "organic luxury"

Joint action and SPARITUAL EVIAN will be only 1 to 30 November in the best salons of Moscow City: Tretyakov SPA by ANNE SEMONIN, Club Beauty "Supreme Light», «Well hall». Immerse yourself in a sea of ​​summer memories with SPARITUAL and EVIAN!