For my friend
 Fans of design and perfume can make a note: Issey Miyake released Christmas 2008 - a limited edition of the iconic fragrance in 1990, L'Eau D'Issey - as a tribute to his good friend the designer Shiro Kuramata, who passed away in 1991.

Kuramata - author of the famous sculptural bottle, symbolizing "... the fusion of two opposing forms: the sphere and a cube." According to reports, it took years of technical studies to complete a prototype model. Turquoise was the favorite color of Kuramata.

The bottle was released with a circulation of 2500 copies. Each vial contains 20 ml of pure perfume L'Eau d'Issey, original created Jacques Cavallier in 1991 ...

Perfume called "a meeting between the blossoming roses and lotus, and between East and West."

Matured version already exists, and there is no indication that the fragrance has been modified to match the new luxury edition. Traditional extract notes: lotus, freesia, cyclamen, rose water, fresh peonies, pink, white lilies, tree chords, osmanthus, tuberose, amber and musk.

Expressing his respects Shiro Kuramata, Issey Miyake said: "Shiro Kuramata loved perfume. The scent has no substance - it is something that has always attracted him. One day, I asked him to design a perfume bottle.

He created a great 'drop of water'
A smaller version of the 'world'.
And inside - the embodiment of colors and dreams,
Light and wind,
Men and women...
Comprehensive sound Rondo ".