"Molten" summer fragrance for men by Lalique
 Lalique Parfums introduced a new summer fragrance White, intended for the male half of humanity. The fragrance developed by perfumer Christine Nagel, symbolizes lightness, transparency and weightlessness.

Like a traditional 75ml vial at a concentration of eau de toilette, White is also available in the form of perfumed - in a limited edition of the Crystal bottle, designed by the supreme master at working with glass Meilleurs Ouvriers from France.

Commenting on this new product, the famous perfumer, Roja Dove, said White - a unique flavor, causing excitement among the male population. "Lalique, the company that creates most of the world's most popular flavors are not distinguished in this time. The art of our professionals - the harmony of ingredients and Christine Nagel, who made sure that each component is disclosed in its continuing identity. It has top notes of bergamot with a median notes of violet, flowing into the base of spicy cardamom and nutmeg, which create a fresh citrus scent with warm overtones. "

Lalique will also present an opportunity to demonstrate a limited edition crystal bottles in 2009, which will be available in October. For female audzhitorii they presented "Aphrodite", containing the fragrance Lalique de Lalique, and for men - "Athlet", containing the fragrance Le Lion.

Author: Ann, New York