Anatomy flavor: Black XS, Paco Rabanne
 One of the things that became clear to me after writing the article "100 flavors that everyone indifferent to perfume, should try" - how many different brands of perfumes revolves around us. Over time, I can say that I have developed so-called "working memory," and I do remember all the flavors of which you spoke. But on the Paco Rabanne I have not even mentioned.

Perhaps, it would be to start with the classics of Paco Rabanne, but instead I'll start with the most recent fragrance Black XS For Her, following the Black XS For Him. 2005 year. If we are not visually represented by the perfume, there would be plenty of speculation that is - flavor, aimed at a younger audience, specially designed for "modern and rebellious princess."

Black XS For Her was developed by perfumer Emilie Coppermann and Marc Buxton; it contains notes of tamarind blossom, pink pepper, cranberry, rose, black violet, flowers, chocolate, patchouli and vanilla. Tamarind and cranberries are a source of tart fragrance in perfume top notes, but Black XS For Her opens with sweet, tart notes that virtually disappear all the way to change it. Middle chord - like flowers with sweet vanilla cream (and a drop of chocolate); lower notes - dark wood, patchouli appears, and with greater force erupted vanilla, calm and soft, but with a bit of peppercorn.

For my taste, it is too sweet - I am more in the spirit of the men's Black XS For Him, although together they create a very powerful combination. I believe that in hot weather I would not dare to use it, but for this December - the perfect flavor, very warm and deep. In addition, the perfume has a very important quality - personality. Black XS (he could no more contain, in addition to patchouli and chain around the neck of the model Bianca Balti) initially reminded me of Diesel Fuel For Life, so I decided to try it again. After half an hour Diesel Fuel For Life smelled nice, but impersonal. The composition of the Black XS For Her is constructed so that it harmonize all notes and still trail of amazing fragrances.

Author: Ann, New York