Dr. Pierre Ricaud: Innovative methods for restoring skin elasticity
 Cream - lifting skin elasticity Intervention Collagene.

Of Dr. Pierre Ricaud is an effective solution to the problem of the loss of elasticity of the skin - an innovative means of Intervention Collagene.

Over the years, signs of aging becomes more visible. Natural regeneration and protection of the skin deteriorates. The skin can not produce cells of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the same volume, and it becomes less elastic i. As a result, wrinkles, and facial features become less expressive.

Prevent the first signs of skin aging and regain its elasticity will help you innovative means of Intervention Collagene by Dr. Pierre Ricaud. Cream - Lifting of skin elasticity Intervention Collagene is based on the latest techniques of aesthetic derma cosmetology. As a result of its application the skin becomes more elastic, and the features and facial contour - sharper.

Scientific research laboratories Dr. Pierre Ricaud showed that the loss of skin elasticity, the most effective solution is the restoration and activation of natural skin components: collagen and hyaluronic acid. The unique formula of cream - Lifting Intervention Collagene, due to contained therein active complex Acti - Collagene and Pro - Acide Hyaluronique, today is the most effective scientific solution to the problem of loss of skin elasticity. The complex Acti-Collagène®, controlling the entire life cycle of collagen, promotes restoration of the dermis, sending a biological signal that activates fibroblasts to produce new collagen, so necessary for the skin's elasticity. As a result, a network supporting  Dr. Pierre Ricaud: Innovative methods for restoring skin elasticity
 fiber reinforced. Active complex Pro - Acide Hyaluronique stimulates the natural process of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, restores the skin from the inside. Oval face becomes clearer, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth. Cream - Lifting Intervention Collagene contains nourishing karite butter and vegetable squalene, which give the skin a comfortable feeling immediately after application tools.

Efficiency means Intervention Collagene has been proven by numerous studies, which involved more than 230 women. They used a cream - Lifting within 4 weeks of twice daily, morning and evening. Studies have shown that after 4 weeks of treatment the skin returned to 86% tone, elasticity is increased by 83%, wrinkles are smoothed by 67%, the skin is pulled by 63%.