Spring is coming! Spring - the road!
 Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) reveals a new spring collection Spring Look 2008. The products will be available from 4 February.

Yves Saint Laurent created his first line of cosmetics in 1978. In honor of the anniversary 30letney YSL I decided to stop at your favorite designer themes and iconic creations.

The 2008 Spring Look - the first such tribute - was inspired by the well-known greeting card (1992), sketched Saint Laurent and sent to your friends, with an expression of love and devotion. Its effect is particularly apparent in the new mosaic Palette Pop face and cheeks.

The overall theme of the collection, as the expert explains Yves Saint Laurent Make-up, Val Garland, avant-garde romantic praising love and flowers.

To create the desired image, brand names and colors YSL connected with Japanese manga (comic books) and thus made a bold play of contrasts. Eyes are assigned blue and green hues, while lips and cheeks, fresh and pink. A key feature of products - quick and easy to use.

 Spring is coming! Spring - the road!
 Among the limited products - above Blush Palette Pop Collector Powder for the face and cheeks. Paletka contains three shades (brown, orange and pink), suitable for any skin tone. It is represented in the design, which includes drawings floral heart and love words. Thanks to the special sealing process, these images remain as long as the paint runs out.

Paletka equipped with brush, is placed in a bag and cardboard box, which is a reproduction of the famous love card Saint Laurent, presented in black and white.

Other limited edition - Pop Stick Blush, which allows you to mix colors fraught gel texture, creating a veil of delicate color of the cheeks; and Eye Colour Touch, described as a water-resistant bright shade with an applicator with a handle, as well as the shadow of iconic YSL Touche Eclat.

 Spring is coming! Spring - the road!
 To complete the collection of YSL offers a set of French manicure French Manicure, which can be cast in one minute.

The kit contains two easy-to-use "handles": white marker to outline the line at the tip of the nail varnish and pencil, the final nail polish glossy pastel pink.

Author: Ann, New York