Two new fragrances by Masaki Matsushima
 Aqua Mat Homme - is "cool, power and prosperity ..."

"Aqua mat homme" opens a splash of fresh lime and Boongon (pomelo), mixed with herbal notes of fig leaves and bamboo shoots.

Gradually refined scent of magnolia and mahogany - a key ingredient "in the spirit of Masaki - develop their full triumph.

Sandalwood and musk set the framework with bright and crystal-clear woody accords.

Masaki Matsushima Masaki SUu for Women is "Sigh, happiness ... flight ..."

SUu opened an explosion of juicy fruit (Asian pear and carom), which provide agility top notes.

Middle notes seduce delicate composition subtly twisted, very feminine nuances of jasmine and lotus flowers.

Immaculate blend of white cedar and crystal musk at the base deliver boundless sense of integrity.