Asian motifs
 Spanish designer Endzheo Schlesser (Angel Schlesser) introduced two new fragrances created under the influence of his travels through Asia.

Aroma Ā«Esprit de GingembreĀ» is based on the Asian flavor of ginger and is available in two variants: for men and for women. At the heart of the women's fragrance contains the smell of flowering ginger. The top notes include smells of citrus fruit, bergamot and pink grapefruit. Bottom notes include smells of oak moss, musk and white cedar.

Male fragrance opens notes of ginger, grapefruit and lemon peel in the heart of the fragrance - lavender, cardamom and pepper Bourbon. The lower notes of the fragrance combines the smells of bourbon vetiver, white musk and cedar. Products will arrive at retailers worldwide in September.