Perfume «OVAL» from «Eden Park Parfums» For Men
 Since men also have their own requirements, and they want to feel confident in all circumstances, Eden Park Parfums has created for its flavor «OVAL» new setting.

Now wrap the fragrance has become more practical and fully reflects the essence of the courageous representatives of a strong half of mankind.
The smaller size bottle makes it easy to have it with you: in a sports bag, in the glove compartment of car, in a desk drawer. And this is - 30 ml of fragrant enjoyment, to help maximize the power of seduction from morning till evening.

This smell draws its energy in the notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange, and its power - in the notes of fresh spices, geranium and cloves, which continue cedar, sandalwood and musk - for the final chord.

«OVAL» went on sale, both independently and in a mini-kit, which added a shaving gel.

Author: Natalia Biatova