The new women's fragrance from Paco Rabanne
 Two years after the release of men's fragrance «BlackXS», the company Paco Rabanne is a new fragrance for a generation "stylish girls and rebellious princess" at the age of 16 to 29 years.

Extravagant party dedicated to the exit flavor «BlackXS for Her» took place in «Cité de l'Architecture» in Paris, the center of the world heritage of international importance. Born Spanish designer Paco Rabanne (Paco Rabanne) at the age of 70 joined the hundreds of journalists and stars present at the party on 29 May (see separate report in the gallery of pictures).

Impersonate a "love potion", the fragrance «BlackXS for Her» described as feminine and sensual, including fruity, floral and woody notes. At the heart of the fragrance - mysterious black flower gelleborusa, also known as Christmas rose, blooming in mid-winter when the temperature is below zero.

 The new women's fragrance from Paco Rabanne
   The black bottle is decorated with purple and pink accents. The multi-faceted stopper epitomizes vintage caps elixirs. On flakonchike shows rose and silver lettering, decorated with rose petals and thorny stems, symbolizing the theme of rebellion.

The motive of a rose is also present on a black lacquered box and all series products. Blooming Rose creates a direct link with the «BlackXS» for men.