Breath fresheners - a necessary accessory of modern man
 Even with a completely healthy oral cavity, there is a risk to get into an awkward position and spoil the impression of his personality, casually approaching the other person after just smoked a cigarette, drinking a beer or meat dishes, richly flavored ... bow, or, even catastrophic - garlic! To avoid such situations will help breath fresheners "Albadent» ®.

These miniature bottles with dispenser can easily fit in the palm, which is a huge plus, because you can use a breath freshener imperceptibly. Flavours for all tastes: lemon, mint, apple, raspberry, grapefruit, melon.

Bright fruity notes perfectly freshens breath, have a prolonged effect and does not irritate. It occupies a special place "Albadent® with Neovitinom®. This hygienic product with mint aroma is also a therapeutic and preventive action: relieves bleeding and swelling of the gums. For many, it is true - the fall time to worsening of practically all indolent disease and periodontitis - is no exception!

 Breath fresheners - a necessary accessory of modern man

Manufacturer of branded products Albadent® - LLC "Chemical and biological association with the Run" VITA ", St. Petersburg. Products Albadent® received awards competition "Made in St. Petersburg", 2009 and the contest "Made in Russia", 2009. The action of therapeutic and prophylactic products is confirmed by clinical and laboratory tests in the City center of periodontal "PAX" at the St. Petersburg State Medical University. Acad. IP Pavlova. The unique composition and affordable, medical and hygiene products "Albadent» ® for oral care is recommended as a preventive tool, in the period of remission and periods of acute illness as part of a combination therapy.

Author: Julia Gnedina