CC Cream is already in Russia!
 Clinique is a new trend in beauty - superzaschitny moisturizer, skin tone correction Superdefense CC Cream SPF30 Color Correcting Skin Protector!

Clinique is a new lightweight formula that instantly gives the skin a fresh glow. Fresh Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 Colour Correcting Skin Protector   immediately after application improves the complexion and fills the inner radiance of the skin, providing moisturizing and protecting it. Clinical trials of a new formula Clinique CC Cream   We have shown that it provides instant and long-lasting hydration, while restoring skin a natural, healthy glow.

 CC Cream is already in Russia!

Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 Colour Correcting Skin Protector   - Skin Tone Corrector, which moisturizes, protects and improves its appearance.

Tone Correction:
Clinique scientists have developed advanced technology tone adjustments that with light gives the skin a fresh, clean, healthy glow. Two-layer optical particles to scatter the light tone adjustments in the face in all directions, which instantly creates the visual effect of a well-groomed, radiant skin.

Corrective tone optical particle helps to disguise various flaws on the face. Dull, sallow skin instantly filled with the radiance of pure, yellowish, dull skin gets fresh peach and red spots soon merge with the tone of the skin and not visible. Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 Colour Correcting Skin Protector hides the flaws and defects of the skin, giving it a flawless look and a fresh shine.

 CC Cream is already in Russia!

The skin before and after applying the CC Cream

New contains hyaluronic acid Which instantly fills the skin with refreshing moisture, and humectants trehalose   and sorbitol That support changes in skin hydration level of humidity of the external environment. The skin moisturized instantly and throughout the day keeps moisture and feels comfortable.

The composition also includes the formula sunscreens That protect the skin from the rays UVA / UVB   and thus help prevent visible signs of aging. Antioxidants   in formula Clinique Superdefense - vitamin E, rosemary, nordigidrogvayaretovaya acid   and ascorbyl tocopheryl maleate   protect the skin from external aggressors and help her to stay healthy.

The formula proposed in 3 shades Which are suitable for most of skin tones, and provides a coating with an average natural glow.

 CC Cream is already in Russia!

Available from May 2013
Estimated price: 1500 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova