Gums without inflammation and bleeding
 Outsmart periodontitis? Outsmart not succeed, but to prevent or quickly deal with its first symptoms: bleeding gums and puffiness - you can! Insidious disease develops slowly, and its disastrous consequences - loosening and loss, sometimes perfectly healthy teeth, plunged into a state of shock. Besides the treatment of advanced periodontal disease is quite painful and ... is very expensive. Before you - a balm Albadent® mumië therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste Albadent® with mummy and fluorine Comprehensive care.

Balsam Albadent® with mumië . Contains Altai mumië - natural biostimulator with high antimicrobial activity, accelerating bone regeneration. Its action:
- Prevents the growth of pathogenic microbes   in the mouth, stopping inflammation in periodontal tissues and mucous membranes, eliminates itching and burning in the gums, their bleeding and swelling
- It relieves pain Improves mineral metabolism, accelerates the healing of tissues, removes plaque and eliminates bad odor.
- Essential oils of cinnamon and cloves enhance the antimicrobial effect of the balm.
- Balsam not only relieve bleeding gums and accelerate the healing of micro traumas to the mucosa, and deodorize the mouth, refreshing breath.

 Gums without inflammation and bleeding

Treatment and preventive toothpaste Albadent® with mummy and fluorine Comprehensive care   New improved taste!

Casually brushing teeth (less than 3 minutes in the morning and evening), you give the opportunity to the microbes in the mouth enough to eat leftover food in the gums and the enamel of your teeth. Good dinner, invisible bacteria begin to multiply rapidly, while stressing the potent acids that destroy enamel. "Green Street" open cavities! These bacteria produce metabolic enzymes that destroy the gums and mucous. Bleeding gums - the first sign of periodontitis.

Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste "Albadent® Comprehensive care" with mummy and fluorine   will provide an opportunity to carry out not only the prevention of tooth decay, and periodontal disease, ie, at the same time take care of the entire oral cavity, teeth and gums and. Action mummy - natural bio-stimulator with high antimicrobial activity leaves pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity no chance of survival, speeds up the healing of the gums and mucous trophism significantly improved. Swelling, redness, bleeding, burning and itching in the gums remain only in your nightmares.

The fluorine-containing   component toothpaste saliva inhibits the enzyme activity, and generally reduces the negative effects on the tooth enamel, while replenishing stocks of mineral substances strengthening the teeth and gums.

The paste is introduced silica Polishing agent, by far the best possible cleaning components of toothpastes. It cleans plaque even with bleeding gums.

Special supplements - pyrophosphate   prevent the formation of tartar. Pasta freshens breath fine foams and easily and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the teeth.

 Gums without inflammation and bleeding

Manufacturer of branded products Albadent® - LLC "Chemical and biological association with the Run" VITA ", St. Petersburg. Products Albadent® received awards competition "Made in St. Petersburg", 2009 and the contest "Made in Russia", 2009. The action of therapeutic and prophylactic products is confirmed by clinical and laboratory tests in the City center of periodontal "PAX" at the St. Petersburg State Medical University. Acad. IP Pavlova. The unique composition and affordable, medical and hygiene products "Albadent» ® for oral care is recommended as a preventive tool, in the period of remission and periods of acute illness as part of a combination therapy.

Author: Julia Gnedina