Healthy teeth from birth to old age
 Hygiene Products balm "Albadent" firming with Dead Sea minerals designed for daily oral care. Balm contains salt from the Dead Sea - a unique balanced set of micro-and macro, which is known for its therapeutic activity.

The unique mineral composition of Dead Sea salts has powerfully expressed antiseptic effect and, at the same time, is an excellent food for the periodontal tissues and mucosa, "building material" for the tooth enamel. Dead Sea salt has bacteriostatic, disinfecting effect, promote blood microcirculation, normalization of metabolic processes in periodontal tissues.

Balsam "Albadent" with Dead Sea minerals   increase local immunity, strengthen the gums and promote remineralization (restoration) of the tooth enamel.

Effectively cleans the mouth, prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria, refreshes and deodorizes the oral cavity, removes unpleasant smell.

No need to be afraid if the precipitate fall in the bottle, it is the residue of natural origin, just shake the bottle is stronger and start the procedure.

 Healthy teeth from birth to old age

Manufacturer of branded products Albadent® - LLC "Chemical and biological association with the Run" VITA ", St. Petersburg. Products Albadent® received awards competition "Made in St. Petersburg", 2009 and the contest "Made in Russia", 2009. The action of therapeutic and prophylactic products is confirmed by clinical and laboratory tests in the City center of periodontal "PAX" at the St. Petersburg State Medical University. Acad. IP Pavlova. The unique composition and affordable, medical and hygiene products "Albadent» ® for oral care is recommended as a preventive tool, in the period of remission and periods of acute illness as part of a combination therapy.

Author: Julia Gnedina