The first editor in chief of Vogue became a man
 In the entire 120-year history of the cult magazine about fashion it was not yet the case to the chief editor was appointed as a man. Finally, it has occurred. In Thailand.

The Asian market is growing beauty and fashion, it can be called a logical development there fashionable gloss.

Most recently, the first issue of Vogue-Thailand. Chief Editor of the Thai edition became Kullavit Laosuksri (Kullawit Laosuksri), man. The editor said that his magazine will promote optimism and cheerful way of life for women in Thailand.

Cover of the first issue in this case is not so radical and revolutionary as the chief editor of the plans. A girl in a headdress, stylized traditional Thai costumes, as well as familiar to Asians make up, releasing the eye.

Author: Julia Gnedina