The new generation of corrective underwear - moisturizing
 Corrective underwear has helped more than one generation of women. But it would have to leave. There is a new trend - moisturizing underwear. British brand Triumph, the official supplier of underwear for the fashion weeks in London, produces innovative collection.

The new line of Triumph - is underwear that not only supports and adjusts the shape, but also moisturizes the skin during the time you wear it.

The range of new products includes pants and shorts, T-shirts and petticoats. The secret of moisture in minute capsules of aloe vera, which are built into the fabric. Upon contact with the skin they reveal their moisturizing and soothing properties. These qualities are retained in laundry washes for 100! And they say that, in addition to moisture, such contact with aloe can even get rid of the hated cellulite.

Another feature of the new clothes - the new material, the finest microfiber, resulting in linen simply disappear under your clothes, leaving a sleek silhouette and a hint of what you have on a dress.

 The new generation of corrective underwear - moisturizing

Unfortunately, the new line is only available in the UK. If you are not going to London, with the advent of new products in our market we will have to wait a little longer.

Triumph - not the first brand that invented moisturizing things. In the past year become a hit from a special moisturizing jeans collection Spa From Wrangler. And the experts start talking about that very soon we will have a moisturizing clothes surrounded everywhere.

 The new generation of corrective underwear - moisturizing

Shorts with a high waist are 32 to 40 pounds. The colors of the collection: fuchsia, pale pink, lavender, purple.

Author: Julia Gnedina