How Kardashian sisters earn their reality show
 The publication TV Guide Magazine counted as the most famous sisters in the world to earn his TV show «Keeping Up With the Kardashians».

Family Kardashian has signed a contract with the TV company which produces the TV show and the publication TV Guide Magazine published details of the agreement. For one season the Kardashian sisters will receive $ 10 million, and it is 20 episodes of 500 000 dollars each.

 How Kardashian sisters earn their reality show

It is worth noting that this is not the only source of income Kardashian. Sisters expertly monetize their popularity. Recall, how much Kim earned exclusive photos from their wedding (and the first and second).

And besides, we have our own brand Kardashian makeup, her clothing line, Kim recently published a book with his self, and girls are also regularly involved in various corporate parties and public events.

Author: Julia Gnedina