The Blitz-Contest "Soft Fall" with Biozka Concept Store on
 If you think about the fall - what comes first association to mind? Rain, wind; walk under the clear October sky, colorful falling leaves? Whatever it was, in the autumn, after a hot summer, our skin requires more care, care and tenderness.

Share your secrets of beauty and care that you apply to your skin in the fall and remained nice and fresh, and win one of three prizes of beauty from an online store Biozka Concept Store *.

If desired, you can add a comment in the photos that meet the subject and competition.

* Biozka Concept Store - a unique specialty store, the entire range which is 100% of the truly organic cosmetics from France and Germany, which is certified by authoritative organizations. Our brands have a proven reputation for decades. And our client base, which meets us more than a year - people with high demands on the products they are used in personal care. We are open and transparent. We are ready to hold detailed consultation on any of our product. For our friends (customers and partners) We are conveniently located in the city center - within walking distance of the subway Taganskaya.

Author of the best commentary, selected on the basis of the voting members will be presented Acorelle Eau de parfum "White Orchid", with essential oils of orange and sandalwood.

 The Blitz-Contest "Soft Fall" with Biozka Concept Store on

Toning, balancing or calming - every flavor Acorelle concentrated essential oils to improve health with the help of nature.

Comment selected project administration, will bring its author a set consisting of Cattier Hand cream based white clay (white clay, Brazil nut oil, jojoba, sunflower, evening primrose, macadamia nut) and Cattier shea butter with the scent of honey (shea butter - is the protection, natural UV filter, moisturizing, eliminate dryness and irritation, prevention of premature aging, toning and skin elasticity).

 The Blitz-Contest "Soft Fall" with Biozka Concept Store on

And the author of the comment, which will appreciate the sponsors of the competition, representatives of the online store Biozka Concept Store, becomes the owner of a set consisting of FLORAME perfumed body milk "lavender" (a gentle moisturizing lotion from the collection Provence, perfumed with organic essential oils, it has a silky texture spreads easily on the skin. It is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy, sticky film. The exclusive formula with floralnaya Fleur d`Oranzh water and aloe vera extract actively moisturizes the skin and softens it.) and FLORAME Perfumed Shower Gel "lavender" (a shower gel " lavender ", perfumed Provencal composition of organic essential oils perfectly cleanses and softens the skin, leaving no sensation of dryness and tightness. Aloe vera extract and water floralnaya Fleur d`Oranzh retain the natural moisture of the skin).

 The Blitz-Contest "Soft Fall" with Biozka Concept Store on

Blitz competition held from September 8 to 22 September 2014 inclusive.

Take part in competition and win prize from Biozka Concept Store & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Anna Shustrova