The contest "Angel at everyone" on
 ... Simple and timid,
beautiful as good news,
going after white angel
whispers that there is hope.


Angels ... Who are they? How come? And for what? We so often hear about them, but when we try to tell - we do not have the words ...
Probably everyone has once felt the presence of an angel - a sudden hint, light touch, the invisible support. They help is withdrawn trouble, watch, guard, and something the Angels are the same as we are - upset when we do not get our plans, rejoice in our successes, surprised our indecision ... love, and patiently waiting for us to hear them, palpable invisible angelic presence.

Angel at everyone. It's true ... and the name of the new competition from the stories of the portal and writer Natalia Solntseva. Write your unusual story - real or invented - which will see the word "angel." And publish the story in the "About speaketh mysteries do not get bored." Thanks to your talent readers waiting for an incredible adventure. And for someone, perhaps your story will be fatal!

The contest will take place from 20 September to 20 October on the site

The authors of the five best stories will receive a wonderful prize - a book by Natalia Solntseva "French Angel in his pocket."

 The contest "Angel at everyone" on

Once a loser Claudius ordered a talisman for good luck. Lucky Charm - the most necessary thing in a handbag: it should lie next to lipstick, mascara and other vitally important for women things.

But instead of mascot for the huge amount of money she received in the mail ... the old man's jacket! Life once again laughed at her? How to say ... Since the introduction of the jacket all her wishes have become miraculously performed - in a mystical detective Natalie Solntseva "French Angel in his pocket."

We wish you a flight of creativity! And we are waiting for you at the contest "Angel at everyone."

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Author: Anna Shustrova