The contest "The active life - always! "Always Ultra with at
 The more active we are living, the stronger the feeling of involvement and confidence in the fact that life does not pass us by. Each active step is perceived in the soul as a small victory - over himself, over laziness, over the desire to give up the fun activities and "just sleep at home." Therefore, active life brings so much joy and is the best means of autumn melancholy. And, of course, I would not want to abandon their ambitious plans, even in "those" days!

We invite you to take part in a new competition for the active life and get great prizes from Always Ultra.

7 winners   receive from our sponsor:

- 2 boxes of new pads Always Ultra, created using innovative technology that protects against leaks.

- Japanese MIGHTY MUG mug for an active life. It is the world's first intelligent circle that can not be knocked over. It keeps the heat or cold for hours, and pedestal mug does not stick to the surface and leaves no residue.

 The contest "The active life - always! "Always Ultra with at

New Always Ultra: absorb, anyway!

Always Always Ultra is updated with an innovative top layer for extra security against leakage. This new view of the defense: on all sides, even upside down - Always Ultra with you 100% secure!

Many of us are familiar with the situation when the defense fails and it is necessary to urgently "to flee" and "cover their tracks" in the nearest ladies' room. More than 50% of women from time to time faced with such cases, because of which have to put your life on pause - rather than to deal with a really interesting things. Do not fall out of the room rate and save yourself from unnecessary feelings of "those" days! Always turns the idea of ​​protection: now it is possible in any situation.

Write about the possibilities of a dynamic life, about how to stay active despite his busy schedule, how to actively pursue weekends and holidays and get a prize from the sets of Always Ultra.

  Read the terms of the contest and take part ...

Author: Anna Shustrova