The new fragrance King of Seduction by Antonio Banderas
 King of Seduction new fragrance by Antonio Banderas. A new look at man's charisma embodied by this seducer.

A man who does not take himself too seriously, because its experience shows that real confidence - is to be yourself. Men who do not have to make an effort in the game of seduction, because his behavior is natural. A man who knows that deception can not be taught - he is a born seducer.

The moment of seduction begins with sparkling notes pineapple   and green apple Which merge with a juicy shade musk melon , Giving flavor masculinity and magnetism.

Marine chord   Heart fragrance continues the game of seduction, giving the composition character and personality. Citrus notes Grapefruit   and bergamot   emphasize the unique freshness.

The culmination of the game of seduction revealed in the base notes. Warm and magnetic shades spices   combined with floral bouquet opens wood   and amber notes Creating a modern contrast between boldness and naturalness.

 The new fragrance King of Seduction by Antonio Banderas

King of seduction   - Elegant and harmonious blend of freshness and masculinity, which reveal the secrets of the seduction.

King of seduction   a bold statement about male charisma. Clear, simple lines and massive glass vial bottom emphasize quality and strength. Bottle cap completes the square - the finishing touch of modernity.

On the face of the new fragrance bottle symbol: a crown, which indicates the appearance of the king.

Author: Anna Shustrova