We meet the "Oktoberfest" with the essence
 In September 2014 its doors to all who want to open the world's largest festival - "Oktoberfest"! And it was this grand event dedicated to the new collection of oktoberfest essence!

Whether you dress a broad kilt in the assembly, or the traditional leather pants, using his image in new shades of products from this remarkable collection, you will engage the views and look in the best traditions of German-style!

Shine with fruity or minty aroma, blush with a pattern in the form of a pretzel, pretzels, cute little hair clips - all those lovely little things have to be in the purse of every fashionable woman who is sent to the Oktoberfest in Munich!

The collection of funds oktoberfest complements cute book with a deer in a felt cover to record new contacts and acquaintances most vivid memories that are sure to stay after the festival!

 We meet the "Oktoberfest" with the essence

Go to the "Oktoberfest" with the essence!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova