Collection of funds from the World Garden Party Bath & Body Works
 Collection World Garden Party devoted to travel, flowers of different countries and emotions that they give. Imagine that you are in the suburbs of London, drinking raspberry tea on the veranda and dream, looking at the field drop-down tulips. Another scenario in the early autumn - a trip to Morocco, but not only for the sun and the bustling bazaars. In this country it grows one of the most mysterious of flowers on our planet - the orchid. And you can fly to Tokyo - there waiting for you with fragrant lotus ponds, the oldest flowers on the planet. So long as you choose the route, we present three lines of collections World Garden Party - London Tulips & Raspberry Tea, Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber and Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom.

Collection London Tulips & Raspberry Tea from Bath & Body Works

Packing means of gamma sustained in lilac and gold colors, and the products have a pronounced floral and fruity fragrance. Perfumers composition built around the lily, black currant and raspberry tea, but first you will meet with mandarin, juicy peach tulips and London, which gave the name of this range of funds. But the trail, products London Tulips & Raspberry Tea flower is not: money is left on the skin sandalwood and vanilla aftertaste.

Collection Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber by Bath & Body Works

Bottles funds and decorated with oriental ornament outline orchid that you will meet in the title line. Although it is assumed that this flower has no smell, perfumers Bath & Body Works tried to recreate it. According to them, the scent of orchids consists of notes of verbena, apricot, turmeric, amber and vanilla.

Collection Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom by Bath & Body Works

The pale pink bottle, painted ornament of the Japanese fans, live agent with the character, they have a complex flavor that is made of wood, fruit and floral notes. Your familiarity with the products of Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom will begin with chord boysenberry, it's a cross between a raspberry and blackberry. Its dilute the flavor notes of peach, red cherries, iris and lotus. At the heart of the composition bouquet of magnolias, peonies and apple blossoms. And to top it off - woody notes of sandalwood and teak.

 Collection of funds from the World Garden Party Bath & Body Works

Running - September 2014

Author: Anna Shustrova