New: The cleaning brush for the face of Clinique!
 Clinique is a new agent for facial cleansing - Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush - developed by dermatologists that's based on Swiss technology innovative brush that transforms skin.

This brush is designed specifically to work with individually selected 3-step system skincare Clinique - One of the most effective programs of care in the world, provides a new kind of gentle cleansing. The result: the cleanest, most healthy skin. Your skin immediately becomes smooth and radiant, deep cleans pores.

 New: The cleaning brush for the face of Clinique!

Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush features a combination of functionality with a simple, clean design, which is known for brand Clinique.

• The oval-shaped brush head allows targeted cleaning hard to reach areas of the face - nose wings, a line of hair growth chin.

• Two types of rounded bristles ensure a gentle, effective cleansing:

- Pale green bristles on the tip of the brush slants - more rigid and short, which provides a convenient and effective cleaning of areas with increased production of fat, which can clog pores, e.g., T-zone. The curved shape of the brush follows the movements of your hands, so use it convenient and easy.

- White bristles on the brush main body and softer portions intended for cleansing the skin with a soft and less sebaceous glands, such as cheeks.

• Swiss audio technology meets the highest engineering standards. Sound vibrations in combination with the unique design of the brush provides a gentle massaging action that removes dirt and oil more effectively than manual cleansing, and thus supports the overall health and good condition of the skin.

• Ergonomic brush handle comfortably fits in your hand and facilitates cleaning.

• The compact design makes the brush easy and practical to use, and since the brush body is waterproof, it can be used not only in the sink, but in the soul.

• The timer automatically turns off the brush after 30 seconds, which is sufficient time to cleanse all skin types at the initial stage of Use Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush . And when your skin gets used, you can increase the frequency of use of up to 1 minute, twice a day.

• One battery charge lasts for 3 hours, during which time the brush can not be charged. When the battery is low on the handle LED lights.

 New: The cleaning brush for the face of Clinique!

Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush   designed for use with the soap for the face Facial Soap   3-Step System Clinique, and that such cleansing transforms skin.

On sale since September 2014, exclusively on the network Rive Gauche.

The projected retail price: 6499 rubles; Nozzle - 1090 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova