Britney Spears released her 16th fragrance
 People magazine reports that Britney Spears released her new fragrance. This 16th edition of the pop star, which will be released in a precious design.

The new fragrance Fantasy Stage Edition comes in a bottle, decorated under the skin python golden hue.

Some experts believe that the flavors Spears is a little fed up with the consumer. However, it is not. At least the British edition of UK paper reports that every 15 seconds on the planet selling a fragrance from Britney. And, most likely, the new edition will only increase sales of perfumes under the name of the singer.

 Britney Spears released her 16th fragrance

What distinguishes this new edition? Britney herself explained why hopes for success: «Fantasy Stage Edition symbolizes my wildest acts on stage. And I hope it stimulates my fans become more fearless. "

Author: Julia Gnedina