The contest "Dream. Make up your mind. Action "with Rexona Women on
 Hobbies - it's always more than just a hobby. It is a source of inspiration and joy, an opportunity to show their talents and abilities. Someone figured out how to turn your hobby into a business, even a small, but delivers so much joy and pride. And for someone hobby - it's unfulfilled dream of another profession.

Rexona Women presents the project "Dream. Make up your mind. Action "that will allow participants to express themselves, and the winners - to realize his dream, to transform passion into the business of life. The girl reached the final, the brand will help realize the goal - it could be the opening of the school dances, show room, cafe, exhibition - just what is enough imagination participants.

Relook   I decided to hold its own with Rexona Women Competition 'Dream. Make up your mind. Action " In which you can talk about finding hobbies hobby inspiring, and how they are becoming a matter of life.

10 winners will receive the brand Rexona wonderful bonus set , Which includes:
- 3 female deodorant Rexona «Energy of your day"
- Swarovski pendant or female Swiss watch.

Owners of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seats will be able to choose a prize (between the suspension and the clock), winner of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, will receive one of these prizes at the discretion of the contest organizers.

 The contest "Dream. Make up your mind. Action "with Rexona Women on

 The contest "Dream. Make up your mind. Action "with Rexona Women on

"The energy of your day": your confidence every day

Rexona is designed specifically for women, taking into account the characteristics of their active life rhythm, so important feature antiperspirants series "The energy in your day 'is the technology« Motionsence », which is activated while driving. * Unique freshness microcapsules included in formula antiperspirant remain on the skin surface and is gradually degraded as a result of movement, releasing a pleasant aroma. Thus, the more you move, the greater will be your protection from the smell and feeling of freshness will accompany you throughout the day.

Rexona brand always takes into account the needs and characteristics of the skin of every woman, so the new antiperspirant "Energy of your day" is available in three basic formats:
-Roller Antiperspirant (50 ml)
-Aerozol (150 ml)
-Antiperspirant Stick (50 ml).

 The contest "Dream. Make up your mind. Action "with Rexona Women on

However, novelty can be easily filled each day with energy and get the most out of life, because Rexona never let you down!

Read the rules and take part in the contest ...

Author: Anna Shustrova