Bracelet, which protects from the sun
 Back in January, it was presented bracelet Netatmo June, which is very helpful in the holiday season. This gadget itself tells its owner how long he spent in the sun.

Journalist publication Business Insider spent a week with this bracelet on his arm. And I was very pleased. She says that during this time received no sunburn or redness from the sun.

Bracelet Netatmo June costs 99 dollars. Externally - it is a beautiful accessory, it is designed by French designer Camille Toupet. It can be worn as a bracelet, brooch and how, because it is equipped with a leather strap or a clip for fastening.

 Bracelet, which protects from the sun
Design Options

On the bracelet - a bunch of sensors that assess the environment and report to the phone (via Bluetooth), if you will not get any currently sunlight. Pre enter the parameters of your skin type, eye color and hair in the application on the phone.

The gadget can even tell what SPF record you need, whether it is necessary to wear sunglasses and a hat. The bracelet can safely swim in the sea, exposed to rain, and it will work steadily.

 Bracelet, which protects from the sun
Application Interface

Author: Julia Gnedina