Master Class recipes with rice "kaleidoscope of traditions"
 The company "Mistral" to your attention a special project for the preparation of dishes with rice. The project will involve 30 representatives of the site.

Members will prepare dishes with rice for recipes from around the world, using different varieties of rice TM "Mistral", confirming this photo. Participants should place on 3 prescription for a theme week. Registration in the entourage of the selected dishes welcome.

Topics four weeks of the contest:

1. Mediterranean dishes (paella, risotto dish and at the discretion of the participant)

2. Asian dishes (rolls and 2 meals at the discretion of the participant)

3. oriental dishes (rice, soup and a dish to the discretion of the participant)

4. Desserts

What will be assessed? Filing and registration of dishes, serving, original recipes, are relevant to the competition.

Recipes are accepted from June 23 to July 20, 2014   (inclusive).

Prizes are provided by Oursson

 Master Class recipes with rice "kaleidoscope of traditions"

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Each participant is given a prize: induction cooker OURSSON IP1220T

 Master Class recipes with rice "kaleidoscope of traditions"

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At the end of the project the jury will select the best recipe for each theme week. Four winners will be announced July 28, 2014 .

The prize for the best recipe of the week: bakery OURSSON BM0800J

 Master Class recipes with rice "kaleidoscope of traditions"

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Author: Anna Shustrova