Asian philosophy SPA
 SPA - it is a whole philosophy, based on concern for the health of body and soul.

Despite the fact that the first modern SPA-center appeared in Europe, the concept was born in Asia, where it is believed that the human body - a whole and diseases occur due to the lack of harmony between mind, body and mind. To restore the Asians use different health system is fundamentally different from Western medicine. For this reason, a key component of the Asian SPA-approach - is the attention to all the five senses during procedures.


The cornerstone of Eastern holistic systems - aromatherapy. Aromatic substances not only relax the tone or vice versa, and treat mental and physical ailments. Every self-respecting Asian SPA centers have treatments with essential oils, sticks or candles.

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  • Aroma oils - the main attributes of aromatherapy. In Asia, the most popular essential oils of lemongrass, sandalwood, rosemary, ylang-ylang.

  •  Asian philosophy SPA
  • Scented candles a long time and become part of our life. Selection of scented candles is quite wide. Just turn off the bathroom light and light scented candles, bath banal procedure acquires a different meaning. And if we add the petals in the bath ...

  • If you are too lazy to cook spicy mixture azitaskie care for face and body, you can pick up anything from aromakosmetiki.

Interesting!   Base oil to create compositions of aromatic coconut oil is used, according to the Asia and especially in India, the best way for healthy skin and hair.


 Asian philosophy SPA
 In the Asian tradition, great attention is paid to the touch. Very popular oriental massage - a clear confirmation. From the beginning of his training masters of massage body and learn to feel the desires of the client.

Additionally, all Asian SPA traditional design, which uses only natural materials - wood, stone, natural fabrics. That when you touch the furnishings, you feel at one with nature.

Solutions for home
  • Choose towels made of natural fibers since synthetic towels will just glide over the skin, without collecting the particles of water.

  • Home clothes, if possible, let also be cotton or silk.

  • Finally, self-massage. Its quite easy to master. Self-massage is done regularly.


 Asian philosophy SPA
 The basic principle of design Asian SPA - everything has to be pleasing to the eye! Interiors centers and salons are the earthly incarnation of harmony. All done in muted tones and natural shades. Everywhere subdued light. Most often, the Asian SPA salons are made in the style of national identity.

The biggest difference from the Asian SPA centers decoration is classic European massage tables, couches, floor flowers. It should be noted that all water containers, whether footbath or a mini-pool, also decorated with flowers or petals.

The warm climate of the region allows you to build unique salons without walls, which are replaced by a screen or curtain fabric. In this case, taking flower bath, while you enjoy views of the ocean or tropical gardens, feeling the complete fusion with nature.

Solutions for home
  • Candles, which were discussed above, and rose petals in the bath will bring peace to your soul. Instead, you can use the petals of flowers such as jasmine, cornflowers, daisies. Do not forget to add a couple of tablespoons of water in the sea or ocean salt.

  • Pleasant oriental trinkets that you can buy in any souvenir shop, will enliven the interior of the bathroom and make it easy to go back to the mysterious Asia during procedures.


Music in the Asian SPA does not distract, but only adjusts to the desired wave. Generally preference of National music. Sometimes there is no artificial sound effects and all. Hearing caresses the real sound of ocean waves and tropical birds singing.

Solutions for home
  • You can buy CDs with the music of Asian peoples, nature sounds, classical music or music in the style of new age.


According to Eastern philosophy, to achieve harmony between body and soul in addition to the special procedures must be special food (eg, ayurveda). All meals and drinks SPA-concept kitchen and meet the five senses: food should be fragrant, tasty and pleasing to the eye.

Discover the world of Asian SPA - it means to give a new life, full of colors, smells and sounds, to find harmony with oneself and with the world.
Author: Inna Sedykh